500 Coins Gutschein


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(Video on demand user) On the orders of the slave wore my tight jeans. I'm wearing wearing tight denim jeggings. The slave is firmly tied to the bed and a blindfold. It will be a surprise for him what had happened next. First I tease him tickling, because I know that my slave is very ticklish. I am sitting on his lap slave and pull out the most up my jeggings. I pull jeggings for pockets, my ass in them looming. The slave describe what I'm doing. I tease him that I like how it is powerless and can not see anything. I am but a slave to bad news. I want to piss! I do not want to interrupt the game, I make pissing in a kneeling position on the slave's crotch! The slave protests and asks me whether I do not. In vain... Futile twisting, twitching and struggling, ropes holding firmly! I sit all my weight on the slave and prevents his body movement. The slave must enjoy ***********. Pissing is finished, we can go to the finals! In wet jeggings sit down on face slave and unbutton his wet je...
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