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On this video you see me in red pantyhose. I sit on a chair with a phalos and am ready to satisfy myself. I suck the dildo, I play with it in my hands, then I'll show you my legs and ass as red pantyhose sitting on me. Then I let down my pantyhose and masturbate my cunt with a dildo. I have one month, so you will see bloodstains on the phalos. I almost bring myself to orgasm, but I like it when I ***** in pantyhose shit, so I leave the phaloce in my pussy and wear pantyhose. I start shitting in pantyhose and the phalo is messed up. I let the tights sink again, take the dirty Phala from the vagina, then I pee through the pantyhose. Hot shit stays in pantyhose, I sit down in an armchair and again I undertake to fade a phalos on which are the remnants of my shit and menstruation.
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