Complaints policy

§ 1 Purpose

  1. This policy ensures that individuals appearing in our content – whether in videos, photos, or other media – have the opportunity to express their concerns or complaints about their portrayal.

§ 2 Who can lodge a complaint?

  1. Any individual depicted in our content who has concerns about their portrayal is entitled to file a complaint in accordance with this policy.

§ 3 Filing a complaint

  1. To submit a complaint, the concerned individual should send an email to, including the following details:

    (a) Name ans first name of the depicted person
    (b) Contact information for follow-up questions
    (c) Detailed description of the concerns or complaints
    (d) Evidence, such as links to the relevant content or screenshots

§ 4 Processing of complaints

  1. Upon receiving a complaint, we will thoroughly investigate the matter and respond appropriately. This may include:

    (a) Removal or modification of the concerned content
    (b) Contacting the affected individual to further discuss the matter
    (c) Resolving the issue amicably and clarifying any misunderstandings

§ 5 Data protection

  1. All information submitted in the course of a complaint will be kept confidential and used exclusively for the purpose of investigating and addressing the complaint.

§ 6 Time frame

  1. We make every effort to handle complaints promptly. The processing time may vary depending on the complexity of the complaint, but we aim to respond within a reasonable timeframe.

§ 7 Contact information

  1. For any inquiries or to file a complaint, please contact us at the email address provided above.