Chargeback and fraud prevention policy


  1. This policy aims to prevent and appropriately respond to fraud related to the sale of digital goods such as photos, videos, and audios.

Fraud detection

  1. We continuously monitor transactions to identify suspicious activities that may indicate fraud. This includes unusual purchasing patterns, repeated chargebacks, and transactions with stolen payment information.

Procedure for chargebacks

  1. In the event of a chargeback initiated by the customer due to alleged fraud, we will conduct a thorough investigation. The customer will be asked to provide evidence justifying the purchase. We will meticulously review all available information to assess the legitimacy of the chargeback.

Fraud prevention

  1. We employ various fraud prevention measures, including transaction verification and the use of secure payment methods. In cases of suspected fraud, we reserve the right to cancel orders, suspend accounts, or take legal action.


  1. We will inform customers about suspicious activities or chargebacks and request their cooperation in resolving the incident. Open and transparent communication is crucial for a smooth resolution.

Data protection

  1. All information related to fraud cases and chargebacks will be treated confidentially and used solely for internal purposes.


  1. For inquiries regarding fraud or chargebacks, please contact us at
  1. We are committed to protecting our customers from fraud and ensuring that transactions are fair and secure. This policy aims to create a trustworthy environment for the purchase of digital goods.