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At one of my naughty parties in Bremen, with lots of fans of mine, the men had modified a toilet bowl and fitted it with a plug at the end and a hose attached to it. All participants, men and women, had to piss in the toilet bowl. When it was full to the brim with about 10 liters of piss, Bonita and I were filled with this piss and at the same time with fresh piss, because while we were swallowing piss from the toilet bowl, several men and a girl also pissed all over us! In the video you can see how the toilet bowl is pissed all over. Then Bonita and I enjoy the spicy piss and swallow it through the hose. We also did some piss swapping. During our perverse activities, several men and a girl pissed all over me and liter by liter piss was poured into my greedy mouth! You have definitely never seen anything like it. Unique, perverse, naughty and extremely wet and dirty! Yes, you can only see something like that from me!
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