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I'm in the garden it's a nice sunny day and I'm relaxing here alone but... I hate my neighbor so I have a big and stinking surprise for him. I walk towards his garage, I open it and here I am. It's a really dangerous place ... in the terrace above the garage is holding a party you hear the voices? I can be discovered and someone can arrive. I undress and put a tarp cloth on the floor. I push ... a big stinking poo and a lot of pee comes out ... but I do not know where to clean my dirty asshole! I go out into the garden and find a cloth ******* all dirty ... I go into the garage and clean my ass ... Then I think I have a water pipe in the garden so I turn it on and I pass my hands on the ass all dirty with shit. .. next time if you want we can shit on the floor of the garage ... leaving him there the surprise what do you say? ;)
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