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I have no idea if something like this already exists, but this was the first time I filmed myself being inseminated with proof! To actually get myself pregnant in front of the camera, I used an ovulation test. This reliably shows whether a woman is fertile or not. When I felt something different in my abdomen, I took the test and because it was positive, I really wanted to fuck right away. No cut was made the entire time in order to be able to show real fertilization and to rule out any fakes! During this shoot I had nothing else on my mind than wanting to get knocked up. I asked him several times to impregnate me and inject me deep into my pussy. Even coming to orgasm somehow wasn't important to me. I came twice, but the only thing that was important to me was the sperm in my pussy. Since I stopped taking the pill, unprotected sex has made me much hotter all the time. But now that I knew from the test that I was ovulating, this fuck was at least a thousand times hotter than usual!!!
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